Paris Hilton Vibez 

So my friend texted me this the other day and it got me thinking…


Hell Yes, I give PH Vibez. That is a great compliment… Our girl Paris is the definition of not caring what other people think and being a princess. That is what #FGGW is all about.

Home girl does what she wants and has the confidence for it work. I’m NOT saying Paris should be your role model (or mine lol) but I do love her style, sense of humor, and confidence.


  • If it wasn’t for Paris I probably wouldn’t be okay with rolling up to class in blue and hot pink jumpsuits in 2017.
  • I’m obsessed with camo tank tops — that definitely was inspired by her!
  • Paris loves wearing headbands and headbands are growing to be my favorite accessory — I always wear them now. I love thin ones to pull my hair off my face but still look cute. *Lowkey tip: tying a bright color or black shoe-lace tightly works as a bomb head band oddly. 
  • Because of Paris Hilton and the number of episodes I’ve watched of The Simple Life, I will forever refer to everyone as gorgeous and ask Do you love it?” at least once a day… and I’m sure she still does too.

Who’s with me? Let’s bring the OG Paris confidence back. Do you love it? 😉



Valentines Day — Love Yourself Day!

So I know that Valentines Day is definitely something that is marketed as a holiday to be spent and shared between lovers or those in a relationship with a significant other. I’ve had my share of relationships — both good and bad — and have ultimately come to the conclusion that before you can be in a positive relationship or love anyone else, you have to be completely comfortable loving YOURSELF first. Continue reading Valentines Day — Love Yourself Day!