A huge part of my blog and F.G.G.W. is the lingo. I always have had an unique sense of language and often use words and phrases that need a glossary to understand, so this page is dedicated to the the #lingo of this blog. I can't take full credit for a lot of these terms... Continue Reading →


About Me!

Hi Dolls, it's me! If you're reading this, I hope you are having an amazing day 🙂 Every time I make a post, I am blown away by the amount of people from all across the world that take the time to read and view my posts! I wanted to make a post "about me"... Continue Reading →

Miami Vibes

Hi Babes, A fun fact about me is that my favorite spot to travel is to Miami! I wish I could live there lol... one day.  I just got back from a short trip to MIA for Halloween and wanted to share some of the highlights of my trip 😍 - including some of my... Continue Reading →

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