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Best Bronzer’s

Hi Dolls, Here are my favorite bronzer products for all my girls who love being tan, too! 1. Laura Geller - Baked Body Frosting - $45.00 Color: Tahitian Glow   2. Laura Geller - Beach Matte Baked Hydrating Bronzer Color: Siesta Key Medium       3. BECCA - Sunlight Bronzer- $38.00 Color: Ipanema Sun -… Continue reading Best Bronzer’s

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Miami Vibes

Hi Babes, A fun fact about me is that my favorite spot to travel is to Miami! I wish I could live there lol... one day.  I just got back from a short trip to MIA for Halloween and wanted to share some of the highlights of my trip 😍 - including some of my… Continue reading Miami Vibes


Five Songs You Should Listen to Every Day

Have you ever heard the expression "fake it until you make it"…? I have — and I would not be where I am in life without it. Faking it until you make it isn't about lying or misconceiving others. Instead, it suggests that in life you need to always give off a confident persona and… Continue reading Five Songs You Should Listen to Every Day