F.G.G.W is a lifestyle dedicated to having fun, staying true to yourself, and not caring about what others think.

Beth Hocking

Beth Hocking is the author of this website and the founder of F.G.G.W. When F.G.G.W was originally founded, the initials stood for “Fab Girls Going Wild.” Over time F.G.G.W has transformed more simply into “For the Girls” because that is the mission and fundamental values this lifestyle was founded on: women supporting women and girls being girls.

F.G.G.W is more than just a website, it truly is a lifestyle that many people choose to live. The F.G.G.W lifestyle is all about loving yourself, being confident, encouraging and empowering others, and doing whatever it is in life that makes you happy. It’s about embracing the beauty each one of us uniquely has and always remembering your worth.

The categories Beth writes about in her posts, include:

  • Beauty – Tips, tutorials, trends and anything fashion or makeup related
  • Life – Personal experiences, vibes, lessons and guides
  • My Favorite Things – Current obsessions and signature looks that make F.G.G.W. iconic
  • Music – Playlists and new music that embraces the F.G.G.W lifestyle

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