Summer 2020 Favorite Highlights

September 29, 2020

Hi Dolls!

I know Summer 2020, and this year in general, have been challenging and different for us all. I am counting my blessings everyday & focusing on the positives!

This summer was probably the best one I have had yet! I truly did more things and made more memories in this summer than I have the previous two years!

Some of my favorite highlights from Summer 2020 include:

  • Having time to spend outside, on the lake and with family and friends
  • Being able to go up north with my family more times than I have since I was probably in middle school!
  • Traveling a bit 🙂
  • Spending time with Simba
  • And obviously, my new hobby – TIKTOKING hahaha – just kidding, add me on Triller now

Check Out Some of My Favorite Memories Below:



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