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OG Beth Signature Summer Outfit

August 3, 2020

1. High Wasted Denim Shorts

I have a few FAVORITE pairs of Denim Shorts that I could not live without. One of my absolute favorite pair is actually from Forever 21 from at least four years ago. Denim shorts are tricky because you can find a pair for $10 and love them just as much as a pair that costs $200! It is all about finding the right style and fit that you love.

Check out my favorite brands below:


This brand is expensive, but extremely worth it. They are my absolute favorite! A pair of AGOLDE Denim Shorts will cost on average $128. But they truly last forever and are worth the splurge if that’s an option for you. You can buy AGOLDE shorts online (or if you are brave enough to go in person / if they are open) from the following stores:

Levi –

Levi cut-offs are a classic! The sizing can be tricky, but if you google Levi Denim Shorts, you can find them no problem. These are a little less expensive 🙂 Make sure that you look at the measurements before you place an order so you are sure you’re getting the right size!

Forever 21 –

I have had some serious luck with amazing jean shorts from Forever 21! It is definitely a hit or miss situation, but worth trying.

2. Cropped Tank or Tied Up T-Shirt

Legit, any cropped tank top works perfectly. I have a Grey Racer-Back Cropped Tank from Forever 21 that is typically my go-to. I also will wear just Hanes White V-Necks and tie it up in the front in a knot so that it is cropped!

3. White Air Force 1 Sneaker

These are one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! I cannot imagine my life without them now, lol. And $90 is pretty reasonable. To purchase online, CLICK HERE.


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