5 Ways to Stay Hot in Quarantine

March 17, 2020

Hi Dolls,
I hope everyone is staying safe and my prayers and well wishes for anyone who has been affected by Coronavirus. if you’re stuck in quarantine or bored and are struggling with the gym being closed, here are 5 tips to stay hot with current events.

1. Planks

I’m obsessed with planks! They’re my go to exercise. Most days I do a 5 minute plank rotation twice a day. To read about that 5 min ab-workout, Click here

2. Squats

Doing squats every day is a good and easy way to make sure that you’re staying at least pretty toned and in shape. I do 100 squats twice a day (sometimes more). Once you get in the habit, it’s so easy and worth while to just do them every day!

3. Brush Your Hair (All Day)

I always brush my hair while I work, lol. I have a mini Tangle Teezer pink brush, that I’ve posted about before, that I used to sit at my desk and use all day at work. Now that I’m working remote, why wouldn’t I brush my hair all day? My fav brushes right now are the Tangle Teezer from Ulta, a normal Wet Brush, and a Boar Bristle Dry Bar hair brush.

4. St. Tropez

I always feel better after using St. Tropez or giving myself a spray tan. It just helps to have some color especially when it’s the middle of winter. St. Tropez is one of my biggest obsessions. Either the normal formula or the advanced, both give a streak less, natural glowing tan. 10/10 recommend. You can get St. Tropez from Sephora or Ulta online 🙂

5. Beauty Sleep

Use this time to catch up on sleep!!

Quarantine and chill

Stay safe and positive babes!!!!!



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