My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things: Hat Obsessions

January 4, 2020

Hi Dolls,

One of my favorite categories to write about is “My Favorite Things.” Recently, I’ve been obsessed with hats! Specifically two kinds: Camouflage Baseball Cap & E11VEN MIAMI Snapback.

My Favorite Things

My Fav #1: Camo Trucker Hat

Starting with #MyFavoriteThing #1 in this post- Camo Trucker Hats and Baseball Caps. My friend visited for the holidays and she by accidentally left this random camouflage trucker hat/baseball cap and I’ve worn it so much ever since, lol. It gives me major PH Vibes (Von Dutch, Simple Life times). Also, Kylie Jenner has been recognized recently for rocking Von Dutch hats, so that’s as good of a sign as any that they are 100% hot and FGGW approved.

Paris Hilton Throwback for the Inspiration of this Fav

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love.

A young PH sporting a Von Dutch Trucker hata signature Paris look!


Even though my friend did leave me with a Camo- hat that I love, I am still going to order the Von Dutch Classic Snapback Trucker Hat below. I am very surprised I don’t own this hat yet, to be honest, and cannot wait to start repping it. To order your own Camo hat from the Von Dutch website for $49.00, Click to Purchase! 🙂

My Fav #2: E11VEN MIAMI Snapback

If anyone is familiar with the club “E11VEN” in Miami, FL, I’ve always LOVED those “ELLVEN” black snap-backs I see everywhere. I’ve always wanted one, so I just bought one online today! I’m super pumped to wear this hat chilling around the house, while cleaning, at the gym and while running errands!


Celeb Sightings

Paris Hilton Rocking the Same Hat

Paris wearing the same hat that I ordered when at the club in Miami, FL. Major, major PH Vibes!


I tried to order my hat off of the E11VEN website but they were all sold out! I ended up buying the brand new one below from eBay for $19.99! If you’re interested in getting our own, you can order the same one I did online by Clicking Here 🙂

Check Out 2 Other Hats Below that I Love:

  1. Faux Suede Gray Hat, $8.99: Click to Purchase

2. Pretty Little Thing Black Plain Cap, $7.00: Click to Purchase!