Why You Need to Visit DRIP IV THERAPY AND HYDRATION to Live Your Best and Healthiest Life!

December 30, 2019

Welcome to the World of IV Therapy – One of My Favorite Health, Beauty and Wellness Trends!



I am so excited to write this post and share one of my favorite health, beauty and wellness trends. I have been utilizing IV Therapy for years, but am so thrilled that the best quality place to get these treatments – DRIP IV THERAPY AND HYDRATION – recently opened in Downtown Birmingham. It is right next to the Townsend, a Birmingham iconic hotel.

This post will give an overview of the world of IV Drip Therapy, the benefits, what it is most commonly used for, and why you should only consider going to DRIP IV in Birmingham, MI for this type of treatment!

This is also the perfect time to share the amazing benefits of IV Therapy because a common reason many individuals choose to get a treatment is to cure a hangover (and yes, it really works)! For the sake of New Years Eve, I will focus on the “Hangover Killer” Treatment in this post. I can’t wait to share the Beauty, Anti-Aging, Metabolism & Energy benefits and treatments in the next post to come.

Welcome to luxury.

The Hangover Killer

How Does it Work?

The “Hangover Killer” works by rehydrating your body. Some of us are unable to even drink water after a long night of drinking, this is when DRIP IV comes in hand. In addition to fluids, the Hangover treatment provides you with Zofran.

Zofran is a prescription medication used most commonly in the ER to treat severe cases of nausea. I personally have been prescribed Zofran for years through a stomach specialist. It’s been a life-savor for me. I was so impressed and thrilled that DRIP IV can provide anyone who comes in for a treatment with Zofran in their IV bag. I’m not exaggerating when I say you could have food poisoning or be a 10/10 level of nauseous and after having Zofran feel 100% better. It’s like magic and a true blessing.

In addition to providing serious relief for nausea and curing you of dehydration- aka curing you of that pounding headache and overall feeling of being unwell – the treatment provides you with energy and leaves you feeling better than you do on most days.

Overview- Hangover Killer Contains:

  • 2 Liters of IV Fluids
  • B-Complex 100
  • Methyl-B12
  • B1 Thiamine
  • Vitamin C
  • Glutathione (post about this coming soon)
  • Anti-Nausea Medicine
  • Anti-Inflammatory Medicine

I am so passionate about IV treatments and I only trust DRIP IV in Birmingham, MI.

Beth Hocking


As stated earlier, I’ve been utilizing IV Therapy for years. Before DRIP IV in Birmingham opened, I tried some other places in the Greater Detroit Area. I left the other places just feeling not much of a difference and once place hurt. This is the polar opposite of the experience you receive with DRIP IV.

They take the time to answer any questions you have beforehand and give you your choice of luxurious rooms to relax in while receiving your treatment. There are heated blankets, plasma TV screens with your choice of Netflix, Hulu, or music.

Take a seat and get any questions answered before your treatment.
Prefer a more private room? This one could be perfect for you!
True luxury.

How to Schedule Your Treatment?

DRIP IV accepts walk-in visits, but if you anticipate a rough morning on January 1st, be proactive and schedule your visit now and learn more online about prices by Clicking HERE.
Good vibes only.

Straight chilling!

I’m obsessed! Go check it out!



January 1st hours: 11AM – 7PM.

As stated earlier, I’m beyond obsessed with this amazing treatment center and the benefits of IV Therapy. To be honest, the Hangover Killer is the Treatment I get the least frequently. I’m all about the weight loss, anti-aging, energy and beauty secrets and benefits DRIP IV provides 😉 I can’t wait to share them with you babes in my next post. Stay tuned and have an amazing new year!