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Travel Tips to Not Get Sick While Flying

November 18, 2019

Check out my top tips to stay healthy while traveling & on flights

Turmeric Shots Before & After Vacation !

Turmeric shots have been a lifesaver for me over the years. My favorite Turmeric shots are the Gold Rush brand and they can be purchased at Plum Market in the produce section. At the very least, drink 1 the day before and drink 1 the day of departing. Definitely get some also when you get back! I love the turmeric and cayenne shots – you can feel the drink burning any bacteria or sickness as you drink it! Read about the health benefits of turmeric shots by Clicking Here.

Hand Sanitizer & Washing Your Hands!

Use hand Sanitizer and wash your hands as frequently as possible when traveling! Be sure to bring a mini container of hand sanitizer with you in your carry on. Use it anytime you touch anything that isn’t yours on the plane! Also be sure to wash your hands twice as much as you normally would on vacation. Even when you’re off the plane, that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. You don’t know who was in your hotel room before you or how well the cleaning staff cleaned your room! So be sure to wash your hands frequently throughout the trip. Lol, I always sing the A-B-C’s in my head to make sure I am washing my hands for the long enough duration.

Invest in Airborne After Checking Through Security at the Airport!

I always buy Airborne when waiting to board my plane at the airport. It does have a ton of Vitamin C in the most efficiently absorbed form, which is undoubtedly beneficial for the immune system while traveling. And honestly, even if there is a bit of a Placebo Effect in this practice, it has always helped me when traveling.

Plan Airport Outfits & Immediately Change When Arriving!

Think of how many germs your airport outfit must have on them. This is why I recommend bringing two separate outfits dedicated to your traveling day with you on your vacation. The second that you get back to your hotel room or home, change out of those clothes! Put them in a plastic or zip lock bag and tucked away in a separate part of your suitcase to avoid them spreading germs.

Always Shower After Your Flight!

It doesn’t matter how busy you are or what you have to do after your flight, at the very least, take 5 minutes to shower using soap and water (even if it’s just a body shower) after your flight.