Nail Inspiration!

October 15, 2019

Hi Dolls,

Need some #inspo for your next manicure?!

I always show the person who does my nails either pics of #ArianaGrande or #KylieJenner as a guide for what I want! I never get my acrylics Kylie-Jenner-Long, but she definitely has sparked the motivation behind a few of my recent manicures.

Check out my latest nail looks and trends below 🙂

Fresh and Trendy Ideas for Your Next Manicure

My Classic: Ariana Grande inspired, nude/pale pink almond shape:

Signature Ariana Grande look (created with dip)
Ariana inspired 🙂

Kylie Jenner inspired ombré coffin shape:

Kylie Jenner inspired 🙂

Original Kylie Jenner Picture Behind the Inspiration for this Look:

Here is the Kylie Jenner pic I showed my nail stylist to create the look above!

Gucci Mane Inspired, Icy Blue #burr:

This nail color is #icy – check out where the original influence on adapting this color came from below!

This is Gucci Mane’s whip I saw checking out of Fontainebleau in Miami last year! I’ve been obsessed with the color ever since:

Stiletto Shaped Nails: White

I was obsessed with this shape for awhile! I like to switch it up but it’s definitely a fun and different vibe.

Stiletto Shaped Nails: Pink

I loved this color because it matched my bracelet perfectly!

I know a lot of people are into “fall colors” but my nail color’s remain the same OG shades all year long- White, Light Pink, Light Blue and Bright Pink – are F.G.G.W approved!!! 🙂