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10 MUST-HAVE Items in My Pool & Beach Bag!

August 14, 2019

Hi Babes,

Do you ever wonder what MUST-HAVE items I bring with me anytime I’m laying out by a pool or at the beach? This post shares the 10 essential items I always carry in my bag when I’m heading off for a pool or beach day!

1. Sunscreen

2. Lip Balm/Gloss

3. Sunglasses

4. After-Sun Moisturizer

5. Ziplock Bag for Phone

6. Leave-in-Conditioner

7. Wet Brush/Hair Brush

8. Infused Water Face Mist

9. Headphones

10. Water Bottle

I used to be SO bad with not wearing sunscreen. But after I learned how crucial sunscreen is for protecting your skin from aging, I always bring my Hawaiian Tropic 50 SPF mist with me. I apply it every other hour and I still get tan 🙂

Bringing lipgloss with me anywhere is a #FGGW given, but it’s especially helpful to have when laying out. Remembering to apply lip balm or gloss while laying out helps to avoid dry or chapped lips! My go to products currently are Vaseline Tinted Lip Balm and Kylie Jenner High Gloss Shine. Sunglasses are also a #FGGW given. I’m really careful about keeping my eyes protected from the sun to avoid wrinkles! I’m obsessed with my Celine shades because they are so big, definitely block the sun, and lowkey are so much that no one can tell if I happen to fall asleep, lol. Speaking of falling asleep, headphones are a must when laying out. Whether I’m sleeping or just don’t want to be disturbed, it’s essential to have them handy

I had such a bad experience getting burnt and having my skin peel this summer over the Fourth of July! Legit NEVER want to experience that again. So I did some research and found a moisturizer for after/during laying out that’s been a life-savor for me: Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion. I apply this moisturizer throughout and after laying out and my skin is so smooth. No peeling ever again. Hydration is a major key, so I always bring a water bottle with me to sip throughout the day.

Additionally, I’m obsessed with this Cucumber-Infused Water Facial Mist! I got mine in the Beauty section at T.J. Maxx – it’s so refreshing to spray on my face throughout a hot day in the sun! To make sure I don’t get my phone wet when using all these products, a pro-tip is to bring a ziplock bag with you to put your phone in 🙂 I ALWAYS bring a hair brush with me to the pool or beach!!! And it’s so much better when you bring a leave in conditioner or hair oil with you, as well. That way you can keep your hair nice and healthy and cute while getting wet 😉