My 10 Minute Workout – ABS

The part of my body I’m most proud of are my abs. I love having a flat tummy and it’s definitely something that gives me that extra confidence in a bathing suit!

I achieve my fitness goals and look through a workout that takes TEN minutes out of my day. I love this 5-minute workout (I do it in the morning and again in the evening) because it targets and tones not only your abs, but your arms, legs, butt, back and even chest, too! Don’t get frustrated if you find that you can only get through 2 minutes or even just 1 minute the first time you try this. I cannot stress it enough – but consistency is KEY to toning your body. If you keep at this everyday, you will be able to do the full 5 minutes all the way through before you know it. It only took me a week to get it down!

This post shares my secret to maintaining a toned and fit body, which is accomplished in a 5-minute workout I do twice a day.

I hope the demonstrations above are easy to understand. You simply set a timer and do the plank variations in the order and time listed. If anyone has any questions on how to do this workout, please comment them on this post and I would be happy to answer them

And I wanted to note that this post is ONLY for those interested in learning/getting involved in working out. The #FGGW Lifestyle is about living life for YOU.

Stay Motivated, Positive, and Committed! You’ll thank yourself in three months.


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I love taking photos to keep my memories alive. I share my life experiences with the world with hopes to relate, motivate and empower anyone I cross paths with. Welcome to my blog!

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