5 Must Have’s for My Bag At All Times

Hi Babes,

Ever wonder what ESSENTIAL items I carry with me wherever I go? This post shares the 5 things I keep in my purse at all times!

1. Lip Gloss
2. Hair Brush
3. Sunglasses
4. Phone Charger
5. Perfume Roller Ball

Some of my fav lip glosses right now include: Buxom – Katie, Tomford Liqour Gloss and DIOR Addict.
I carry a hair brush me wherever I go! It’s a princess and FGGW must. Wet Brush preferably.
Sunglasses are a given. I actually have more than one pair in my purse typically, lol. My favs right now are my Celine sunglasses and some OG Chanel shades that give me major 2005 PH vibes.
I’ve learned through experience to always carry a phone charger with me.
Perfume Roller Bars are my new obsessions. They’re so cute and little and honestly give off very nice aromas for much less than the prices of purchasing one big bottle. I go to Ulta and buy a few. My favs right now are: Gucci Guilty, YSL Black Odium and Prada Candy.


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