#FGGW Girl Boss Inspiration


Girl Boss Quotes to Live Your Best #FGGW Life:

Do you, baby girl. No one else’s opinion should really matter. Time to get this paper.

“The Thing Is… Your Opinions Don’t Pay My Bills.” – BossBabe

“Social Media Notifications Are Good… But Payment Notifications Are Better.”

Comparison kills.

“Go The Extra Mile… It’s Never Crowded”

People don’t become successful by envying other people’s lives. They become successful by waking up, visualizing enormous success for themselves, then working their ass off to get shit done to be one step closer to that life they will live while others dream of it. Being rich and successful isn’t unrealistic. You just have to work for it. Always.

So there are some reminders that you can achieve anything you want. That’s always been the message behind the #FGGW Lifestyle and Brand. Who cares what anyone else thinks? You have one life, don’t waste even a minute of it. Get out of bed. Get off the couch. Get off social media and be productive. Start believing in bigger things for your future and you might be surprised the mindset and work-ethic that follows.



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