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Miami Vibes

March 1, 2019

Hi Babes,
A fun fact about me is that my favorite spot to travel is to Miami! I wish I could live there lol… one day. 
I just got back from a short trip to MIA for Halloween and wanted to share some of the highlights of my trip – including some of my favorite spots and looks! I also met my favorite rapper of all time – Gucci Mane! 

My Favorite Poolside Spot
Fontainebleau! This is where I stay every time and every penny is worth it. My heaven on earth is tanning poolside at Fountainbleau (probably with a mojito in hand). Here are some of my favorite pool looks from my trip:

My Favorite Dinner Spots
The restaurants in Miami are amazing! Some of my favorites are: Scarpetta and Vita – both inside Fontainebleau – Prime 112, STK, and Makoto. Here’s my favorite dinner outfit from my trip:

My Favorite Night Spots:
Clubbing on Sunday is perfect for Liv. They refer to it as “church” that night because that’s when all the rappers go, lol. I went on Sunday for Yo Gotti and Birdman was there too! It was a great night, as you can see from the pic pbelow :

Some of my other favorite club spots are Story and Heart. Halloween was on a Tuesday, so I went to E11ven – it was my first time and it was SO FUN. Borgore performed and it was just something else. The club is open 24 hours and there was a “freak show” complete with fire breathers and all! I was a Mermaid for Halloween this year – I made the costume myself!

The Highlight of My Trip
The highlight of my trip was definitely having GUCCI MANE be on my flight back to Detroit. I got the chance to tell my favorite artist of all time that the Burr Print 3D is my favorite album. My life honestly feels complete. I didn’t want to blow his cover but I did sneak a few pics:

That’s all! Hope everyone has a great weekend 🙂

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