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5 Things I Love About Myself… Today

February 5, 2019

Hi Dolls,

I don’t know about any of my readers out there, but today just was not my day. I just started a new job — today was my second day — and don’t get me wrong, I love it and am thrilled for the opportunity, but it for sure can be overwhelming starting a brand new step in your career. Not feeling like I know what exactly I am supposed to be doing or if I’m doing it right at all, wasn’t exactly a huge boost in my confidence. I am not used to doubting myself in my work! On top of that, my evening didn’t start on a great note either. I got in a stupid and petty argument with someone close to me, and that definitely bummed me out.

As we get older, I’m definitely understanding life gets more difficult and we must take time to find happiness and positivity in the smallest moments and interactions throughout our days. I graduated college in May, 2017, so naturally I am not around all of my girlfriends I grew up with as much. We text everyday, but sometimes it can be easy to let the distractions such as stress at work and random arguments, get us down. So tonight I decided to take a step back, go to the gym, and write a random blog post about 5 things I love about myself right now to remind myself of the amazing person I am. I hope anyone who reads this tries this practice with me!

Have no shame in your game, it’s the #FGGW Lifestyle!

5 Things I Love About Myself:

  1. I love the diversity amongst the people I am friends with! I have friends who I go out and get drinks with, I have friends are over 25 and never had a sip of alcohol in their life, I have friends who are Research Analysts’ and Financial Advisors’ and I have friends who are Models. I love that consistently throughout my life, I have always had a special way of connecting and vibing with almost anyone I meet 🙂
  2. I love my abs, LOL.
  3. I love how much my family and my parents especially mean to me, and how much of an effort I put into spending time with them.
  4. I love my taste in music and the fact that I only listen to REALLY hood rap.
  5. I love that I have such a big heart and really would do anything to help anyone who ever asked me for help or needed someone to talk to.

So if anyone else is having a bad day, or even if you’re not — please think of and remind yourself of 5 things you love about yourself today. I promise you can 🙂

Stay beautiful!


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