I’m Engaged!

Hi Dolls,

It has been a minute since I posted a personal story that gives my readers an insight to my real life. I wanted to share a huge life moment β€” I recently got engaged!Β 

I met my fiancΓ©, Jason, at the end of my junior year of college. Prior to meeting Jason, I recently got out of a toxic relationship in which I felt very controlled. Jason was a breath of fresh air to say the least. By the time the summer ended and I went back to college to finish my senior year, Jason brought up the idea of getting me a promise ring. After listening to his reasons of why he wanted to do this, I headed off to finish my senior year with the promise ring on my finger!

My senior year went smoothly β€” Jason and I managed to spend a lot of time together, still! He was such a great support to me no matter what I was going through at school. By the time I graduated, Jason bought a house in our home town and invited me to move in with him πŸ™‚

After over a year of moving in the house, we genuinely love living together and we definitely knew that we wanted to be together forever. I really hate surprises, so we took a rather untraditional route for the whole proposal situation. I went with Jason to design the ring! He proposed actually in our kitchen, with our song β€” Turn on the Lights by Future playing β€” and dozens of roses displayed as seen in the images below. Later that night we went to a beautiful dinner where I had him reenact the proposal so I could have that picture forever!

The Proposal

The Ring!

I feel so blessed to have Jason in my life, but not every relationship I’ve been in prior was perfect to say the least. Because of this, I would like to share some qualities to look for in the people who you date, that I find important and have been helpful to me! As well as give a few personal relationship tips of mine for making your relationships last and be as stress-free as possible!

A few characteristics Jason has that made me know he was a great guy before going back to college for my senior year:

  • He truly let’s me be who I am. He never puts me down for doing things that make me happy!
  • We trust each other and never control each other. Throughout my senior year, I still went out with my friends at college and went to parties as much as I ever did. Jason was never threatened by this and knew that there was no reason to worry.
  • He makes me feel special and beautiful. I think it is a great sign when a guy is not afraid to tell you how beautiful you are and how much he admires you. It shows that he is confident and secure himself.Β 
  • He made the effort to come visit me, just how I put the effort to come visit him on weekends, as well! It is comforting when both people in a relationship put in equal effort.

My relationship tips:

  • Don’t be passive! Jason and I agreed very early on that we would not be passive about things that are bothering us. If we are uncomfortable with something, we talk about it right away. I feel like if you are passive that it builds up and eventually you will resent the other person.
  • Pick and choose your battles. There are always going to be things that you could pick a fight about, but take the time to think about what is worth fighting over.
  • Encourage your significant other to do the things they are passionate about and enjoy doing. I definitely don’t love playing poker, but I encourage him to go play with his friends! I think it is really important you each still have your own identity.
  • Possess positive traits β€” be nice! Smile. Try to be organized and keep your place clean. Compliment him! Take good care of yourself and look good. I personally feel good when I look good β€” meaning I shower, do my hair, wear nice clothes or something I feel good in β€” verses if I let myself just wear sweats every day of the week.

I hope you enjoy this post! If you have any questions about any of the advice I gave or if you have your own advice you would like to share, please leave a comment! I always love to hear from my readers and blog friends πŸ™‚



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