My Beauty Routine for Fall & Winter

September 29, 2018

As the summer comes to an end, most of us have to change the way we do our makeup and the products that we use. At first, I was really annoyed and bummed out that my favorite products I used in the summer no longer matched my skin or looked good on me in the colder months. I soon got over this by finding makeup products for fall and winer that I loved just as much as the ones I used in the summer! A beauty routine/makeup look for fall and winter can be amazing and a whole new vibe for you.
Here are the steps to my new beauty routine and the products that I use to make myself feel pretty and confident, regardless of the tan I am lacking:

Start with a toner –

I love starting with a toner because it gives your skin a pure and natural base. It also removes any makeup that might be leftover, so it gives you a very clean appearance.
I personally use, Elizabeth Arden Refining Toner Lotion. I purchased mine for $5.99 at TJ Maxx, but if you’re interested in buying this product you also can order it by clicking here. By no means do you have to use this specific toner! You can find great quality ones at your local drug store or Target.

Elizabeth Arden Refining Toner Lotion

Apply a foundation that matches your complexion for this time of the year –

My favorite foundation for fall and winter is Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation. It is what I am wearing in the featured image of this post, in the shade “Light Sand.” I have heard concerns that this foundation may “dry out your skin”, but I have never experienced that. I am always sure to take it off at the end of the night and apply a facial moisturizer! If you’re interested in purchasing this product or learning more about it, click here.
This is just one of the many great foundations out there, so feel free to shop around at a drug store or a makeup counter to find one that you love! And if you already have a foundation for fall and winter that you love, please comment the product on this post 🙂

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation

Use a light eye shadow –

I prefer to use a light and shimmery eye shadow in the winter and colder months. This is because it has a great way of still enhancing your eyes and making them pop, but I also feel like it makes you look like a winter princess!
The eye shadow I am wearing in the featured image is Urban Decay, “Virgin.” 

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in the shade “Virgin”

Use a round brush to apply a medium bronzer –

I can’t emphasize this enough — please do not apply bronzer to your entire face!! For this time of the year, I apply bronzer only to my upper forehead, jawline, neck, and occasionally my upper cheeks. You will probably have to switch up the bronzer you use in fall and winter from the one you use in the summer.
I prefer a medium shade bronzer that is typically matte. I used the Too Faced, “Medium Cocoa” bronzer in the featured image of this post. I like how this shade (top right in picture below) has cooler tones to it. You can purchase this bronzer for $14.97 from online Nordstrom Rack by clicking here. Laura Geller also has great matte foundations.

Too Faced “Medium Cocoa”

Apply Mascara (does not have to be fancy!) –

The next step in my beauty routine is to apply a mascara, lightly. I personally do not spend my money on purchasing designer mascara; instead I use the drug store brands. I have not noticed a big enough difference between using a Maybelline mascara and using a Dior mascara, so I choose to save money on the mascara I buy and instead spend more on products like foundation or bronzer.
I typically apply mascara to only my upper lashes — as seen in featured image — in the fall and winter. The reason for this is that I feel it looks better when wearing a lighter eye shadow. However, everyone has different facial features, so apply your mascara in the way you feel is most flattering 🙂

Finish with a lip stain –

I love the drug store lip stains! I like to use a bright pink one for this beauty routine. It adds a nice pop of color! It also makes your teeth appear more white. An additional bonus is that is looks natural and you don’t have to worry about getting lipstick on anyone or having your hair stick to your lipgloss in the wind.
I am wearing e.l.f. Lip Stain, shade “Pink Petal” in the featured image. You can order this product online for $2.41 by clicking here. I also am a fan of Maybelline, Revlon, and CoverGirl lip stains   — you can pretty much count on finding a great lip stain for a great price at CVS, Walgreens, other drug stores, and Target.

e.l.f. Lip Stain, Pink Petal



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