About Me!

Hi Dolls, it’s me!

If you’re reading this, I hope you are having an amazing day πŸ™‚

Every time I make a post, I am blown away by the amount of people from all across the world that take the time to read and view my posts! I wanted to make a post “about me” so that the friends I make on my blogging journey can get a sense of who I am and what my life is like!


My Demographics –

Born and raised in Michigan! Definitely not a “Pure Michigan Lover” as many are, lol, but this is where my family is, and family is a huge part of my life.

I am 23 years old! Blonde, Blue Eyes, and Petite.

Recent graduate from a Liberal Arts College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Management with an Emphasis in Human Resources.

I am newly engaged to my gorgeous fiance. He makes me very happy πŸ™‚

I work as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator for a Real Estate Development Company. Dream occupation is: MILF.

Why I Started Blogging?

I was actually bullied a lot in college. I went to a small, private college, and I had a difficult time fitting in. I felt like an outsider. I was brought back to the painful memories many of us experienced in middle school, such as the dreadful walk to lunch and not knowing who I was going to sit with.

I lived in an apartment with three other girls my senior year and constantly felt left out. It was uncomfortable to never be invited to anything. To go to a college of less than 2,000 people and have to ask my roommates if it was okay with them if I went out to a party with them was a strange and awkward feeling. I never felt included and it hurt.

Ironically, that same senior year I took a social media class. This class gave me something to look forward to and introduced me to the idea of starting a blog. From the skills I learned in that class, I managed to develop an Instagram following of over 11K followers to my personal account. This strangely isolated me more, at least with my roommates and colleagues at my college.

Blogging gave me something to be passionate about! It was an outlet for me to be who I am and not have people judge me for it.

My Purpose –Β 

My purpose for blogging and the overall message I strive to send in life is that everyone is special. Everyone should love who they are. Because you only have one life! You are here for a reason and do your best every day to be confident, love yourself, and live a positive life.



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