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Bikini Obsessions

March 14, 2018

I have an obsession with bikinis… the obsession probably roots from my deep appreciation of the sun and I just associate the two together. But regardless, I cannot put into words how much I love sunglasses, bikinis, and blasting music driving with the windows down. Even if it’s not warm out there is a good chance you will find me in a bikini LOL.

No parents no rules, LOL! What I do when I have the house to myself and there’s a tiny bit of sunlight finally… walk around and chill in a bikini and a mink coat. #FGGW to the max.

Even if I’m not tanning or going swimming, I love wearing bikinis under my normal clothes when I am just hanging out around the house or with friends. In the summer (if I’m not working or have somewhere to be, of course…) then it is just a ritual: wake up, blast some gucci or whatever music your into, shower, put a bikini on, and start your freaking day. 
I wanted to share with you guys two of my FAVORITE bikini lines right now! They are both really unique, so you can be sure that you will get a lot of compliments and stand out from your friends 🙂

Be You Mini

I am actually a brand ambassador for the first swimwear line I will be writing about! (Side note: I worked hard to purchase my own bikini of theirs before being approached to be a brand ambassador, so I promise this is completely non biased). I LOVE these bikinis for so many reasons. All of Be You Mini bikini’s are hand made and designed in Barcelona!
You absolutely can tell that they are hand made and are so uniquely designed by the substantial quality and comfort in the fit and by the bright and exotic colors of the material. What I love most about Be You Mini swimwear is that they have the classic European style that allows for minimal tan lines, but at the same time they feel so comfortable and have an athletic fit to them, as well.

This is me playing in the ocean in beautiful Miami, Florida last week on my spring break! 

Be You Mini has three styles of bikinis to choose from: Mini bikinis, Tiny bikinis, and Cheeky bikinis. I am wearing one of their Mini bikinis in the above picture! I was only on the beach for fifteen minutes but was still stopped by someone complimenting me on the suit; it really just has that exotic and beautiful Barcelona look to it. Click Here to check out Be You Mini’s website and order a bikini of your own!

Tropical Sundaes

The second swimwear line I will be writing about is super unique as well because it was started by a friend of mine! The bathing suits are awesome. Honestly, they are some of the most high-quality bikinis out there and for a reasonable price too. Because the owner Marc happens to be a friend of mine, you guys lucked out and can get a discount if you choose to order a suit of your own! Click Here to check it out and use discount code “Beth” to get 15% off of your order 😉

Me wearing my favorite Tropical Sundaes bikini!

Tropical Sundaes bikinis are great because they are extremely flattering. So for girls with a bigger rack like myself lol, these suits are awesome because they are made of super strong material and you can TIE them… AKA you can have support and have fun wearing them without having to constantly worry about adjusting.
Be You Mini and Tropical Sundaes are my favorite swimwear lines out right now and my advice to you for where to look when shopping for you next suit. Both companies are very reliable, have great and reasonable return policies, and most importantly are going to provide you with a bathing suit that is different than the Forever 21 or PacSun ones that every single other girl will be wearing this summer.

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