Hi Babes!

This is a very special post and the caption on the picture above says it all… there was an #FGGW co-founder reunion and we are back and better than ever.

As I’ve mentioned before, #FGGW originally began as a club between a group of our friends in middle school, with the letters standing as an acronym for “Fat Girls Gone Wild.” My best friend Kirsten is the co-founder of this OG crew. As we have gotten older, the meaning of #FGGW has transitioned into “For the girls” and represents a lifestyle full of loving yourself and being free. I recently had the chance to get together with Kirsten while we were vacationing in Northern Michigan. I am going to give all the #FGGW readers a peak into this reunion to help show you what we are all about!

#FGGW Songs

Music is definitely a big part of the #FGGW lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be a certain genre, just any type of music that helps you feel confident. Kirsten and I are all about “roll-up songs.” In high school we would pick a roll-up song to blast when we were dropped off places, lol. Kirsten texted me when I was a few minutes away from her place up north telling me to blast a dope song when I roll up because she will be in the driveway to take a video… YUP, hahaha. This is how it went down:

Not the best paparazzi video but as you can tell, I pull up listening to “All the Way Turnt Up” by Roscoe Dash ft. Soulja Boy, and she is my hype girl just so excited because we always have so much fun when we are together.

Some classic #FGGW songs are: “Show Stopper” by Danity Kane, “Swing My Door” by Gucci Mane, and “Beamer, Benz, or Bentley” by Lloyd Banks.

#FGGW Fashion

#FGGW embraces and recommends matching and coordinating outfits with your friends. You have to be truly confident to rock matching outfits with your bestie, and even more importantly it shows others how much you value your friendship and that you always support your friends and want them to look their best. The below images show three of our favorite looks that we wore during our reunion, and notice we are coordinating in each one:

Camo & Shades:

We love wearing camouflage! A camo tank top is a great addition to your wardrobe. Keep your eyes out for them when you are shopping or try searching for one on Google or Amazon! We also love wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses can help us to feel confident and at our best in certain situations. I always have a pair on me no matter where I am.

Tracksuits & Slides:

Tracksuits are so cute and comfy. They can be very flattering and you can pick colors to wear that help bring out your best features. If you are blonde or have blue eyes, you can never go wrong with a light blue or turquoise tracksuit! We got ours from Juicy Couture at Kohl’s. We also love our slides. Mine are fuzzy and from Steve Madden – you can get them online for a reasonable price (under $50).

Bikini Tops & Shorts:

In the summer I wear bikini tops almost everyday and regardless of if I am going to the pool. Waking up and putting on a bikini top makes me happy and reminds me that it is my favorite season! A bikini top can also be a comfortable and cooler option on a hot day. Wearing a bikini top with shorts when you’re lounging around the house, or wearing one under a t-shirt or tank top when you are running errands, is a #FGGW classic.

#FGGW Life

So now you know what we wear and what we listen to, but what do we do for fun when we hang out? We honestly just love our girl time and embrace that to the max when we are together. I mean, #FGGW is “For the Girls” after all!

We started our reunion by running inside and changing into bathing suit tops and shorts and did our makeup solely to take snapchats and pictures. Whenever we haven’t seen each other in awhile, we love sharing what makeup we are using now and other beauty tips we have picked up since we saw each other last:


After that, we changed into matching blue tracksuits and had her mom take a bunch of pictures of us, LOL. We laughed the entire time and loved it when her mom made comments like “This is dangerous” referring to us while she was taking the pictures!


Next, we went back inside and hung out in her room listening to music and telling hysterical stories of the crazy things we have done together and funny things that happened since we saw each other last. At about 1am we got ready for our only adventure out for the night — to go to the gas station and buy $50 worth of candy and snacks, hahaha:

Whenever we get together we are laughing and having the best time, no matter what we do! We are truly just happy for the time we get to spend together and be best friends. It’s always good vibes. #FGGW is about doing what YOU want to do, not doing what you think you should do or what other people are doing, or what might make you look cool to guys. I hope this peak into the #FGGW co-founder reunion helps you see what we are all about!





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