FGGW Darty Season Y’all

Hi Babes!

I haven’t posted in awhile but I hope you all are having an awesome summer 😛 Summer is arguably the most #FGGW season of all… it calls for tanning, rocking dope bikinis and sunglasses, and best of all Darty Season. So, to share with you cuties how my summer is going, I thought what better way then posting about the most fun day I’ve had so far?! I’m also going to fill you in on some major keys 🔑 on what makes a great Darty.

Beth’s Favorite 2017 Darty… 

So yeah… I’m really blessed to have such cool friends who will throw down like this. The caption on one of my snaps from the Darty was “turn the house into a club” and that says it all. Our friend had one of the best Detroit DJ’s mixing for the party and it was wild.

The Darty also had security. This man’s name was B. I was the #FGGW homegirl and found him a lighter for his cigar. God bless.

Key #1 : Look & Feel Good 

Don’t skip washing your hair, wear something that you feel good in (I personally go for high waisted shorts & bikini top), wear natural looking or minimal make up — you are at a day party after all, and always wear sunglasses. They look good and are helpful to hide how turnt you might be, lol.

Key #2: Roll With Your Fun Homies

The reason this Darty was probably sooooo much fun for me was because of the people I came with. This is my friend JB and we like to FOOL together. A Darty is about letting lose so it’s best to surround yourself with friends who know how to have fun. Confidence is a major key and when you’re having fun it shows.

*Random tip on how to look confident at a party: hold your cup (prolly red solo) below your waist. Holding your cup lower verses holding it close to your chest really does make you look more confident. Try it.

Key #3: Know When It’s Time To Go

I’m pretty sure this picture was taken very shortly before I left.  Keep yourself in check. If you feel yourself getting sloppy or too turnt, leave. Always leave when you are still at your best (or at least can pretend to be, lol). Never forget to say thank you to the host! And always try your hardest to be sweet and have a smile on your face — it makes you seem more approachable and that way if you do something dumb like spill a drink by mistake it’s a lot harder for someone to get mad at you 😂

💗 I hope all my readers summer’s are filled with happiness, health, and #FGGW memories 💗



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