#FGGW Photoshoot 

Hi Babes!

Something I did that was really fun this week was a #FGGW Photoshoot! I’m not a professional model or anything (so don’t expect to see me in any fashion shows, I’m way too short for that) but I do enjoy taking pictures! I have a fairly large social media following on Instagram (@bhock95) and I am reached out by photographers often to do shoots. Some of the time the shoots are for promotional deals I have with clothing and watch companies, but a lot of the time they are just to get dope pictures!

This shoot was just for fun so I decided to make all the calls and turn it into a #FGGW shoot that was inspired by Kylie Jenner’s recent Barbie shoot. If you haven’t seen it here’s a few photos from her shoot that I used as my “vision board” so to say…

Kylie Shoot.png

If you know me, you know that I love Juicy Couture and all things pink! Living the #FGGW lifestyle is all about wearing what you want and what makes you feel good, no matter what people think. So I decided to fully embrace this and chose to have my five outfits be: (1) Yellow Shorts, Pink Cropped Top, Pink Visor, & White Wedges, (2) Pink Juicy Couture Pants With “Juicy” in Rhinestones, Silver Bikini Top, & White Adidas, (3), Juicy Couture Romper, Pink Silk HeadScarf, & Steve Madden Slides, (4) Baby Blue Juicy Couture Tracksuit & Vintage Alpina Sunglasses, and last but not least (5) Hot Pink Bikini & Mink Jacket. 

Here’s how it turned out! (Photographer: Austin Speer, Instagram: @austinrspeer)

All of these photos (except for three of them) are unedited and not the full resolution version yet, but I LOVE how they turned out! This photoshoot was an awesome reminder that it’s OK to do something different; that it’s OK to wear something that other people aren’t; that it’s OK to live your life how YOU want because if everyone tried to fit in, then how could there be any stars? A lot of people probably would have laughed at me if I told them I wanted to wear a mink coat with a pink bikini as an outfit choice, but F the haters because it turned out dope!

Here are some funny pics I took at the shoot of me really embracing #FGGW to the max:


Just wanted to share with you dolls and remind anyone who reads this to always be proud of who you are and never second guess yourself! Do you.



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