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March 27, 2017

One of my latest obsessions is the color pink — specifically, light pink. I’m not sure why the recent fascination… maybe it is because I finally realized how diva (therefore FGGW) of a color it is, and maybe because it is a great color for blondes with blue eyes. Regardless, I love it.
Root’s Socks: 
In the featured image, I am wearing pink Root’s socks. Root’s socks are something I wear almost everyday. I love the way the taller socks look with a pair of athletic shorts or over leggings. Click Here to check out Root’s website and this pair of socks.

Pink Nails: 
I love the look of light pink nail polish. It definitely has a princess look to it but it is also light enough to be professional. I don’t have a specific color or brand of nail polish I prefer for this. Just any light pink nail polish you can find at your local drug store will work!

Pink Clothes: 
Keep your eyes peeled for light pink pieces of clothing to add to your wardrobe! The pullover I am wearing in the featured image is a “Shep Shirt” from Vineyard Vines. You don’t have to spend a lot to find great clothes in this color. If you are looking to online shop I recommend the following websites: Forever 21, ASOS, Hello Molly , and Amazon.

This dress is from an Australian clothing website — Hello Molly Fashion!

I hope you love this color as much as I do! 


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