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Summer 2017 Fashion Trends

March 20, 2017

Retro and Colorful Sunglasses —

I for sure see retro and uniquely colored sunglasses being a HUGE trend this Summer, 2017! I collect and am obsessed with sunglasses so this trend really gets me pumped.  The retro pink sunglasses shown in the featured image are Ray-Ban. I can’t find the exact pair anywhere online or in person now, but you can order a very similar pair from Forever 21 for just $7.90!
I had my suspicions of this trend emerging for awhile now, but it was personally confirmed when I was watching the  “Ain’t Nothing”  music video and saw the girl get out of Wiz Khalifa’s car wearing the sickest yellow/clear retro aviators ever! You can watch the music video to see what I’m talking about, but to make it easier, here is a similar pair I found online at Forever 21 called the “Replay Vintage Tinted Aviators”:

The styles of sunglasses I think will be most popular in this trend are round and aviator. I love the classic bright blue Ray-Ban Aviator’s that are seen a lot today. The style comes in a lot more colors; you can check them out on Ray-Ban’s website by Clicking Here. The below picture shows me wearing my favorite green round sunglasses:

Light Wash and Destroyed Denim —

Although not particularly new, I definitely see destroyed, light wash jeans remaining a major fashion trend this summer! There are many different styles of light and destroyed denim that are in currently. The most popular being the classic skinny jeans and then also the more recent boyfriend style. Jeans can be tricky to find, but a great place to look no matter where your location, is the Forever 21 website! Click Here: to check it out.
My favorite version of this trend is to pair your favorite light wash, destroyed skinny jeans with wedges and a fun top. I splurged on a pair of Rag & Bone destroyed skinny jeans (shown below) and they’re one of my favorite things I own!

What I like most about this fashion trend is that it can be worn in so many different ways! You can wear a cute day look — as shown in the picture above — or you can wear it much more casually by matching your jeans with a pair of flip flops and a black Forever 21 tank top or a tied up Hanes white v-neck. On top of that, this look can also be used for a perfect “going-out” summer outfit! Matching your favorite light wash destroyed jeans with a sexy top or bodysuit and throwing on some wedges or nude-heels can never fail for a great look!

White Sundresses and Any Rompers—

My instincts tell me that sundresses, in particular white ones, are going to be huge this summer! I love white sundresses because they can be so easily worn and have a way of making the person wearing it look effortlessly beautiful! You can find both maxi and short white sundresses at any major department or women clothing store — Target is always a good place to look!

I have a major obsession with rompers and thankfully I do not see this fashion trend disappearing any time soon! Rompers will be without a doubt a major fashion trend in summer 2017. What I’ve learned about rompers is that you just need to find one that you love and it will become your best friend. I purchased a black romper from Aritzia and get SO much use out of it. If I wake up late and have to leave my house ASAP to get somewhere, I throw the black romper on with some flip flops and in under a minute I have put together a great outfit. If I’m in Miami and am going out to dinner and then to a club, I wear the black romper with black and brown wedges, and hoop earrings:

So these are my favorite fashion trends coming for summer 2017: retro and bright colored sunglasses, light wash and destroyed denim, and white sundresses and rompers. I hope you dolls are as excited as I am!

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