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Spring Break Ready in a Week!

March 1, 2017

My spring break is only a week away!

Here are a few of my packing tips and advice on how to get bikini-ready in just a week: 

Plan Every Outfit!

Only bring the exact amount of outfits you will need, that way you can be organized and it saves you the stress of having to pick outfits out on your trip. I plan it out to which bikini I will be wearing with which coverup, what I will be wearing to dinner, what I will be wearing out at night — for each day. I then take pictures of it before I pack it in a suitcase and it makes me feel so much more organized on my trip!

Side note: I live for airport outfits. I freaking love planning a hot and casual outfit to get on the plane wearing. It is just fun and so #FGGW to rollup to the airport with sunglasses on and feel super confident. Likely, no one knows you there. They could honestly think you’re famous for all you know! 

Say No to Processed Foods and Snacks that are High in Sodium! 

In the week before a vacation, I definitely do my best to skip out on salty snacks. I find that sodium can lead to bloating — I often don’t notice the effects until I cut it out of my diet.

Increase the Amount of Water you Drink!

I drink tons of water every day. I think that it has endless benefits to your body and health. Increasing your water intake can help give your skin a nice glow and can also help you resist eating salty and unhealthy snacks in between meals.

Planks, Planks, Planks!!!

I am frequently asked what my ab-workout is and I always tell people that planks is where it’s at. I like doing planks because it gives you quick results and because you only have to do 2 — 5 minutes of them each day. If you do two one-minute plank holds, twice a day. Each day the week before your trip, I guarantee you will see results.

Shout-Out to Planks!

I hope these tips help you feel more prepared and confident going into any trip of yours! And if you have any pro-traveler-tips that you would like to share — please comment and let me know them! Have fun dolls!


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